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We value our patients' experience at London Chiropractic & Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Craig London

L.J. first entered my office for consultation, examination, and x-rays for a lower back condition that presented with an addition of radiculopathy (nerve pain) of both legs and feet. This is a true sciatica that presented, but had been progressively getting worse over the course of many years. Mr. J. had seen multiple doctors in Mexico including specialists, all of whom were unable to resolve this problem or present any viable solution. The problem had gotten so bad that Mr. J. was unable to sleep at night with any comfort and subsequently he suffered severe stress as well due to no sleep. After the suggestion of his son, who resides in Arizona, to come to Arizona to see Dr. London for his condition, Mr. J. made the trip from Mexico to spend enough time to have his condition evaluated and treated by London Chiropractic & Wellness Center. At this time, all of Mr. J.'s leg pain is gone and his back feels great, not to mention he now has excellent sleep! The evaluation of Mr. J.'s condition revealed several spinal changes including stage four degenerative disc disease at L5 which presented with a vacuum phenomena and near fusion of L5/S1. The required corrections to restore the integrity of his spine and nervous system and to avoid complete fusion of L5/S1 as well as further degenerative changes of the adjacent lumbar discs presented the need for specific restorative care.

Dr. London uses a specific chiropractic technique which entails before and after x-rays following the treatment to prove the correction has actually taken place, and the before and after x-rays are nothing short of phenomenal to see. Even my intestines now function great compared to before due to the restoration of my nervous system. Ultimately, God is the one who gets the credit and He is the one who helped Dr. London to help me. Dr. London himself even stated that, wow very few professionals put that kind of faith in the Almighty. Well as it turns out, I will now be heading back to Mexico giving glory to God for what He did through Dr. London.

-- L.J.

A Medical Cloud with a Silver Lining --
On February 14th 2013, I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy. Initially I was very frightened because I wasn't sure what exactly Bell's palsy was and why or how I had contracted it. At the ER, I learned that Bell's palsy is a problem involving the nerves that control the muscles on one side of the face. The cause is unknown, but may be related to inflammation of the nerves caused by a virus. The inflammation causes swelling of nerves that control movement of one side of the face. This affects 40,000 people each year in the United States.

I also learned that most people with this problem recover completely within 3-6 months. My Mom recommended I visit her Chiropractor, Dr. London. When I went in for the Bell's palsy treatment I also found out there is no permanent cure for Bell's palsy. However, after a short amount of visits to Dr. London, I was cured within one month. I truly believe Dr. London has helped me to a complete recovery.

This is not only a success story; it's a blessing in disguise. After my initial visit, I learned from x-rays that I had some other areas needing improvement. Even though I had no neck or back pain, these areas were serious and if not corrected surgery would be the end result. I am upset that Bell's palsy was inflicted on me, but at the same time, very grateful it did. Otherwise I would have never seen Dr. London, nor would I ever know that I had other major spinal injuries.

I thank my Mom for believing in Dr. London; I too am now a believer and I share my story with everyone I know. I continue to talk about my successful experience and recommend others see Dr. London.

Thank you so much, Dr. London. -- L.M.

My 10 year old son fell off his trampoline and was unable to walk for one month. My husband and I took him to Phoenix Baptist Hospital where they referred him to a specialist (orthopedic surgeon). The surgeon examined and x-rayed my son and told us he could not find anything wrong and that they would do exploratory surgery. I was so afraid that I wanted a second opinion. A friend of ours said, "You have to take him to Dr. London." So we did. To our amazement, following our first visit to Dr. London's office, the problem my son was having was found. My son was able to walk without crutches the first day; WOW, a miracle! My son has made a full recovery thanks to Dr. London. This has changed our son's life and future. Believe me, if you need help to see a doctor for any condition, you need to consult with Dr. London. His work is remarkable on all conditions; it was for us.
-- The Williams

I was injured at work by a heavy tractor back hole machine that jerked my spine as I was holding a chain it was attached to causing severe spinal injury to my lower back. It actually pulled the bone in my back forward out of place. I had numbness in my left leg and pain so strong I was in tears and could not walk or place any weight on my leg. Several doctors attempted to help me with no success using prescriptions so they wanted to start using injections saying that I would need surgery. My mother has been a long time patient of Dr. London and she told me to schedule an appointment to see if he could help me with my injury. WOW, within days of Dr. London's adjustments I was up and walking! I was amazed at the effectiveness of the treatments and I never thought I would recover that fast.

Dr. London saved my career and changed my life from an injury that would have led to surgery. I am so thankful for what he did for me. Thanks Dr. London. -- Freddy A.

I had lived with sinus problems for the past 30 plus years. All of my life I had suffered from sinusitis. I was so desperate with my sinus that I went to see the best Doctors in Mexico and also tried Scottsdale and they all said the same thing; that I had a very severe sinus problem. And the only solution was to be put on medication. I came to see Dr. London because one morning my forehead had swelled up so bad it made me look like a unicorn! The doctor explained how Chiropractic could help in my situation and I started to treat. As I was being treated I noticed a lot of symptoms had been cleared. For instance, I could not have any cold beverage because it would make my throat swell and I would get sick right away. That is all gone now! I will never forget the time I had a cold grapefruit drink with Dr. London. That was the first time I had anything cold. Now I enjoy having a shake almost everyday. My family and I would like to say Thank You to Dr. London for giving me the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. -- Roberto

Before working for Dr. London, I had digestive problems without knowing it. To me it was normal to have a bowel movement maybe 3 times a month. I didn't know any better and that it wasn't good. I started getting adjusted and I immediately noticed the difference! I never told Dr. London my problem until he explained to me how nerve pressure impacts the organs. Now I go everyday like we're supposed to and I have noticed a great difference. My whole family are now patients of Dr. London. He has helped all of us in different ways. My dad had severe sinus problems...all gone! My mother had never seen a doctor but she trusted Dr. London and she is now living healthy and happy. Chiropractic has changed my life and my family. This experience has now inspired me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic!!! -- Brenda

I am 18 years old and I have had migraine headaches for 5 years constant, everyday! My mom told me about Dr. London so I scheduled to find out if he could help. Following my exam and x-rays, Dr. London explained and showed me how my neck was not properly aligned. The first bone in my neck was placing pressure on a nerve that goes up to the brain, causing the migraines. Following my care, the migraines are completely gone and I can now focus better at school and I am getting better grades. Thanks Dr. London for you have changed my life. -- Ashleigh

I am a truck driver and sometimes I travel eight hundred miles in one afternoon. My lower back had been very sore for months and really, it was difficult for me to drive any distance due to the extreme pain I was having. I was referred to see Dr. London for help. I had a first consultation, exam and x-ray when Dr. London explained that it showed my spine was crooked putting pressure on the nerves in my back. Within several weeks the pain subsided and I was able to drive the tractor trailer without any pain whatsoever. It still amazes me how well I feel. I was helped so much that I referred my wife to get her health issues corrected and now she is better from completely different concerns. My advice is to not put off any health concern; make an appointment while you can to have it fixed as this is the best way! -- Raymundo

For about 10 years or so I've had low back pain and sharp pain in my left side. After talking with a few other Chiropractors, I didn't feel any comfort level with these doctors so I kept looking. Then I came into Dr. London's office. Brenda was great and I met Dr. London. He made me feel at home and there was no pressure of any kind. It was great. He explained to me what was going on with my low back and side and I started getting treatment. After a few times going to him I saw great improvement and after two months, I'm in great shape with my back pain FREE! It's wonderful to feel like this. Thanks for everything! Dr. London is the man!! -- Nestor

At the age of eleven I was in a serious car accident and suffering from really bad pain in the center of my back. My parents did not know about London Chiropractic so they took me to a different Chiropractor they found. I treated there for three months and the pain never went away and they never took x-rays!

Through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade my back always hurt and I couldn't participate in any sports at school due to this pain. I was always hunched over and complaining of pain so a medical doctor suggested that I take Advil 3 times per day and that I receive physical therapy for 6 weeks. After the physical therapy nothing changed and the medical doctor said I would need back surgery eventually when I got older. My freshman year in school I missed a lot of days becasue I would wake up with stomach pains and a stiff back. At that point the medical doctor said I was developing gastritis.

After my sister treated at London Chiropractic she brought me to see Dr. London and I knew he would fix my problem. At my first appointment, my sister was crying when she heard and saw Dr. London explaining why I had stomach and back problems and what I would need to get it fixed. The nerves going to my stomach were choked off! After my first appoinment, I felt like crying because of the relief it gave me. I felt the pain pressure lifted and a rush of blood through my back. It was a weird sensation but I noticed right away that my stomach didn't hurt in the mornings anymore and the pain was gone.

Thank you Dr. London -- R.R.

Myself and my children have been patients of Dr. London's for years. When I injured my foot at work, due to a large object falling on it, I was first sent to a work doctor where I was given medications for months with no change in the condition of my foot. I made an appointment at London Chiropractic and began receiving physical therapy from Brenda the clinic therapist for my diagnosed condition. After six weeks my foot is over 50% improved and this is an eight month old injury that was unchanged before the therapy.

Whether you have a foot, knee, or shoulder problem, I recommend you speak to Brenda to get the information you need so they may help you get healthy again. -- Mrs. G.

I had a bladder problem to the point that if I sneezed, I noticed some leakage of urine. I came in to see what chiropractic could do originally for a low back condition. To my amazement, I was told the nerve in my lower back were pinched and causing the nerves to my bladder to be affected. Amazingly the bladder was fixed with the low back pain. Thank you Dr. London and Brenda for all you did for me. -- Jessie

My twelve year old daughter had stomach pain and constipation for five years and she actually would go to the restroom only once per week or so. The other doctors we had taken her to see, gave her stool softeners, other medications and they could not find any problem as to why it was happening. I heard about Dr. London and made an appointment. When Dr. London viewed her x-rays he showed me several bones that were compressing nerves that went to her intestines. Following several adjustments, to our astonishment, she began having regular bowel movements for the first time. Also there was no trace of stomach pain whatsoever. Chiropractic has really changed our lives and now I don't have to worry about my daughter's future health as it is stressful to not know what could have happened if her condition had stayed the same and gotten worse. Thanks to Dr. London her condition is clear and she no longer has the nerve pressure causing the problem.
-- Linda H.

Since birth my daughter, who is now 7 months old, was able to have only 1 bowel movement per week and she would also scream in pain at 5:00 pm every evening. I took her to see 3 different pediatricians; who all could not find the problem. All they did was give her medications that never fixed the problem. My best friend told me that she heard chiropractic might be able to help my daughter. So I scheduled an appointment for my daughter to see Dr. London. Dr. London found a lump in her spine which was a bone pinching a nerve that goes to the stomach. Dr. London asked me what the birth/delivery was like. I told him she came out shoulder first during birth. Dr. London explained how the difficult birth caused the bone to get stuck and resulted in nerve pressure because of how the spine was pulled during my daughter's birth. Dr. London, very gently, corrected the bone and my daughter had 2 bowel movements that same day. Wow! My daughter completed treatment with Dr. London and the problem was gone. As far as my mom and grandmother are concerned, Dr. London saved my baby's life. We all say that, because she wasn't eating until Dr. London fixed her problem. We now have a family joke...Dr. London is buying the diapers. -- Mother of baby Schianne